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Do you need help choosing the best snow guards for standing seam metal roofs? We ranked them based on professional opinions. The best snow guards for standing seam metal roofs, including those that sell well, are listed below.

During the winter, a significant amount of precipitation accumulates on building roofs. The thickness of the snow sheet on the roof might reach 1 meter or more during severe snowfalls.

As the temperature drops, things become even more complicated. The frosty cover thaws and freezes repeatedly as a result of this.

best snow guards for standing seam metal roofs

As a result, the layer thickens and becomes exceedingly heavy. Finally, a large amount of snow can weigh hundreds of kilograms.

When the thaw begins, the entire bulk begins to melt, forming a layer of water beneath it. By leaps and bounds, layers of snow and ice avalanche off the roof. Furthermore, the fluid descent is made easier by the smooth metal surface.

Metal roofing, gutters, plantings beneath them, cars, and other property are frequently damaged as a result of this.

Installing a snow retention system on the roof, according to us at Safe Roof Experts, is the easiest and most effective technique to prevent avalanche melt.

Best Snow Guards For Standing Seam Metal Roofs?

1-Dark Gray Roof Ice Guard Snow Guard

Stainless steel snow guards are available in a mill finish or in over 40 durable powder coat finishes. The bottom of these 16 gauge snow guards has an EPDM sealer, which eliminates the need for sealant.

THIRTY-FIVE Snow and Ice Guard is a pack of snow and ice guards that are meant to keep snow and ice off metal roofs.

Sliding snow and ice on metal roofing can cause injury, property damage, and liability claims. Professionally tested guards can help avoid injury, property damage, and liability claims.

Roof Snow Guards are designed to fit in the flat section of a screw-down corrugated metal roof with minor rib spacing of at least 1.5″.

25 SnoBlox Deuce, 50 self-drilling wood screws 2 inches long, and one tube of all-weather metal roof sealant are included in the kit.

2-S5S Roof Clamp For Standing Metal Roof 5 Pack

  • INCLUDES: Five S5S clamps, ten threaded screws and 5 bolts included in each package (does NOT include T30 torx bit)
  • USES: Use to attach a variety of things to standing seam metal roofs, including heat cable and heat tape
  • HEAT CABLE: Use with the popular S5-SR clip, by Radiant Solutions Company, to attach heat cable and heat tape to standing seam metal roofs (S5-SR clips sold separately).
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installation takes minutes, just set the S5S clip down on the standing seam, tighten set screws and you are done.
  • MADE IN THE USA: The S5 clamp is proudly made by American hands and carries a 25 year warranty.

The S-5-S is a non-penetrating, standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp (the “S” stands for snap-lock). The S is made to fit the most common vertical snap-together profiles, which are commonly 1.5″ (38 mm) and 1.75″ in height (44 mm).

The S is also ideal for typical, single-fold (angle-seam) horizontal profiles with seam heights of 1″ (25 mm) and 1.5″ (38 mm) and other similar seam types.

The set includes five S5S clamps, ten threaded screws, and five bolts.

USES: Heat cable and heat tape can be used to attach a variety of things to standing seam metal roofs.

HEAT CABLE: Attach heat cable and heat tape to standing seam metal roofs with the famous S5-SR clip from Radiant Solutions Company (S5-SR clips sold separately).

S-5! Metal roof innovations clamps and brackets provide unique solutions for roof-mounted solar arrays that require a strong structural bond to hold the system to a variety of metal roof surfaces.

Clamps and mounting gear for solar PV array applications are part of their solar attachment product line. S-5! clamps, mounts, brackets, and kits are available from Solaris for the installation of roof-top solar energy systems. The mounting hardware works with a wide range of racking manufacturers and provides a high-quality option for metal roof installation.

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3-JSP Manufacturing V2-Mini Roof Guard Snow Guard Prevent Sliding Ice Snow

Snow and ice are kept off metal roofs with our JSP Brand V2 Mini Snow and Ice Roof Guard. Our roof guards are now 30 percent glass-filled polymer for high impact strength, making them tougher and more durable.

These guards will keep your property and personnel safe from injury, as well as liability claims. Please apply a silicone sealant (not provided) to ensure a watertight, leak-free seal around the base of the guard.

To allow the sealant to establish a water-tight seal, channels and grooves have been formed around the perimeter of the guard and around the bolt holes. There are no base plates, gaskets, or screws included in the package. Prevent Ice Buildup on Sliding Snow.

4-SnoBlox Deuce 150pc Snow Guards & Adhesive Kit for Metal Steel Corrugated

With its low profile front-mounted 2.5″ high face and sleek 1.5″ wide waffled tapering back base that fits most roof panels without rib straddling, the American-made SnoBlox Deuce has revolutionized the polycarbonate snow guard business.

This unique product has withstood the test of time and is a visually pleasing, low-cost solution to the problem of sliding snow and ice on metal roofs. It may be mechanically attached to screw-down roofs with a 1.5″ flat area or adhesively mounted to floating standing seam roof systems due to its mounting adaptability.

The SnoBlox Deuce held 3456 pounds when secured with #14 screws and 1379 pounds when attached with the SB-190 adhesive, according to professional ATI tests.

Adhesive or screws can be used to attach it. Above 50 degrees F, the adhesive requires a 28-day cure time.

Without rib spanning, fits most common 36″ aluminum panels with three 12″ flats or four 9″ flats!

Adhesive mounting has a release factor and will not harm metal panels or create roof leaks. In the event of a release, they can be remounted in the same location. ATI lab studies show adhesive mounting has a holding strength of 1,379 lbs.

The waffled base, which is patented, considerably boosts bonding power.

5-JSP Manufacturing Plastic Roof Ice Guard Snow Stops for Standing

The design of our JSP Brand Standing Seam Roof Snow and Ice Guards has been updated. Our new design is more sturdy and strong, and these heavy-duty guards are built to stay! They’re made to keep snow and ice from accumulating on standing seam metal roofs. Features updated hardware that is more resistant to the effects of snow and ice. These tough and long-lasting guards will keep your property and personnel safe from harm and liability claims. Prevent Ice Buildup on Sliding Snow.

Snow and ice guards for standing seam roofs prevent sliding snow and ice development.

Prevent damage and injury to your property and people.

For use on standing seam metal roofs – will not fit on seams wider than 1/2″ or on most other types of metal roofs.

6-SnowBreaker Snow & Adhesive Kit for Metal Steel Standing Seam Roof

  • Adhesive mounting does not compromise the integrity of a metal roof. See time and temperature curing requirements.
  • Fits most metal panels that have at least 1.5 inches flat area.
  • One of the only snow guards that can be used on partial roof sections. Please ask for spacing guidelines.
  • Helps minimize damage from sliding snow and ice by breaking it up into harmless sized pieces.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design adds decoration, almost like jewelry on a metal roof,

Because the cutting-edge fin decreases sheer load, it’s an ideal snow guard for a temporary peel-and-stick solution. Break separate sliding snow and ice in a safe manner! The SnowBreaker

Peel and Stick come with 3M brand adhesive tape already applied. Because the pointed edge decreases sheer load, it’s a suitable peel-and-stick solution for a temporary way of connection when the SB-190 adhesive attachment’s temperature criteria can’t be reached.

The SnowBreaker 3M is aesthetically beautiful, simple to install, and extremely effective at minimizing damage caused by the abrupt discharge of snow and ice, all without putting undue strain on your roof. This is a claim that no other snow guard can make!

As snow and ice slide down the roof, this low-cost solution reduces the risk by slicing the frozen precipitation into small pieces, allowing it to safely fall off. The triangular shape formed by the forward cutting edge and the tucked back rear support function as a fin to divide up the frozen precipitation.

Isolated Areas and Doorways: A snow guard, in theory, cannot contain snow and ice in an isolated region on a roof since the frozen mass’s load will extend to the unprotected area. The snow retention system will be substantially overloaded, resulting in premature release and eventual breakdown.

Buying guides for best snow guards for standing seam metal roofs

We accomplished this by employing a custom-built set of algorithms that enabled us to generate a top-10 list of the best snow guards for standing seam metal roofs currently on the market. The technique we use to compile our ranking is based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to:

Snow guards for standing seam metal roofs come in a variety of brands, each with its own distinct value. Most brands have some form of unique selling proposition that sets them apart from their competition.

Features: What features are important for snow guards on standing seam metal roofs?

Specifications: Their potency can be measured.

Product Value: Simply put, this is how much snow protectors for standing seam metal roofs are worth the money.

Number ratings are used to objectively rate snow guards for standing seam metal roofs.

Customer Feedback: These paragraphs, which are closely related to ratings, provide first-hand and thorough information regarding snow guards for standing seam metal roofs from real-world users.

Product Quality: When it comes to snow guards for standing seam metal roofs, you don’t always get what you pay for; sometimes you get less, and sometimes you get more.

Product Reliability: The strength and durability of a snow guard for standing seam metal roofs should indicate how long it will last.

Do snow guards work on metal roofs with standing seams?

  • Such safety mechanisms prevent a catastrophic, uncontrollable slide of snow or ice from the roof. The snow retainer’s functionality is based on chunking solid precipitation between the roof and the pipes. There is no risk of sliced pieces of snow falling down this way.
  • However, if the safety system is not used, the effects of unexpected avalanches can be devastating:
  • a clogged drainage system and gutters; destroyed landscape components or architectural aspects surrounding the building; automobile parts or other equipment parked near the building being broken;
  • denting the standing seam metal roof sheets, especially on complicated structures where the slopes are positioned one above the other; posing a health and safety risk to those around or beneath the roof.
  • Such safety features assist the structure in a variety of ways, including snow retention on a standing seam roof.
  • Ensure the safety of individuals around or underneath the structure; facilitate the functioning of the metal roof; prevent the gutter system from breaking during the snow melting period.
  • As a result, according to the safety criteria, using snow stops with standing seam roofing is one of the primary considerations. It is not required to put the snow system all the way around the roof perimeter; a few will do.

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