Best Snow Rake For Metal Roof

Its been crazy if you get a Best Snow Rake For Metal Roof. Snow is heavy. It weighs roughly 20 pounds per cubic foot, so anyone who lives in a snowy environment will need to find a way to keep it from piling up on their roof. Roof rakes come in handy in this situation.

Roof rakes come in a variety of sizes and styles. How do you know which one to buy because they’re composed of different materials? We looked at a bunch of them and came up with eight that we think are the best. We’ll offer you a quick review of each, as well as some things to think about when shopping and safety guidelines for raking your roof.

Best Snow Rake For Metal Roof


REMOVING SNOW FROM YOUR ROOF HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER OR FASTER: Because this snow roof rake does not require a ladder, keep both feet on the ground. The blade slices the snow that slides from the roof with a simple move.

30 FT. ADJUSTABLE TELESCOPIC ROOF RAKE REACH: You can add extensions to the sectional handle as needed. (6) 5 ft. poles with quick-snap connectors are included; Low-pitch roofs and difficult-to-reach valleys are ideal candidates.

PREVENT ICE DAMS AND PROTECT YOUR ROOF: Practical and cost-effective way to protect your roof against ice dams caused by snow loads; Protective gliding pads are included to guarantee that your roof is not damaged.

UNIQUE DESIGN FOR EASY CUTTING THROUGH FRESH AND HARD-PACKED SNOW: Ideal for heavy-duty applications; It has braces on its tough commercial-grade aluminum blade.


  • Aluminum handle with vinyl grip
  • Quick-connect handle
  • Built-in wheels
  • Easy to store


  • Metal pole
  • No braces connecting pole to the outer edge of the blade

2-Signstek Snow Roof Rake 21ft

Easy to Clean – Designed with a long and smooth Nylon slide, it aids in the easy removal of snow from the roof in the winter. There’s no need to put up any effort to remove the snow from the roof.

Easier Movement – With a wide head cutter and two easy-rolling wheels, removing snow from a roof is quick and easy, especially in uneven or rocky terrain, thus preventing damage.

Extendable Pole of 21 Feet – The snow remover’s pole may extend up to 20 feet from your hand, allowing you to clean areas near rooftops and high ledges.

Easy to assemble and store – Only a few steps are required to complete assembly, and no additional tools are required. Furthermore, the handle is flexible, making storing a breeze.


  • Aluminum handle with non-slip grip
  • Extends up to 17 feet
  • Blades available from 26 to 52 inches
  • Telescoping handle
  • Sturdy poly tip with hole for hanging storage


  • Not for heavy snow
  • Hard to get into corners

3-TUFFIOM 5-20FT Extendable Plastic Snow Roof Rake

ADJUSTABLE HANDLE: Includes four 1.2M tube lengths and four sleeves, as well as a long tube with a black nylon grip. The length of the snow rake can be changed between 5 and 20 feet to reach every corner of your roof, depending on your demands. The sleeve also has a snap-lock construction that makes assembly a breeze.

PORTABLE: It is built of lightweight aluminum, weighs only 6.2 lbs/2.8 kg, and is sturdy and deform resistant. Operator fatigue can be reduced due to the lightweight design. It’s easy to control and carry thanks to the ergonomic anti-slip grip design.

DURABLE & LARGE BLADE: The large blade makes it easy to remove snow and saves time. Polyethylene blades are lightweight, ensuring that your roof is not damaged.


  • Aluminum handle
  • Reaches up to 21 feet
  • 24-inch blade
  • Shingle saver rollers


  • Quite a bit of flex
  • Rollers don’t like to roll
  • Parts don’t all fit together nicely

4-SNOWPEELER Roof Snow Removal Tool

EASY AND FAST ROOF SNOW REMOVAL: Because there is no need for a ladder, keep both feet on the ground. The blade slices the snow that slides off onto the slide with a simple smooth action.

SNOW SHOVEL WITH ADJUSTABLE REACH OF 20 FT. FOR ROOF: Extensions can be added to the sectional handle as needed. (4) 5 ft. poles with quick-snap connectors are included; Single-story homes, cabins, and detached garages are ideal candidates.

PREVENT ICE DAMS AND PROTECT YOUR ROOF: Practical and cost-effective way to protect your roof against ice dams caused by snow loads; Protective gliding pads are included to guarantee that your roof is not damaged.



  • Aluminum handle with three five-foot sections
  • Anti-slip grip
  • 24-inch polyethylene blade
  • Wide-angled head


  • Extensions wobble
  • Doesn’t work well on heavy, wet snow

5-Roof Razor Roof Rake

PREVENT ICE DAMS, SNOW LOAD, AND SAGGING ON YOUR ROOF. The finest tool for safely removing roof snow without causing harm to your roof is: Remove the need to pull heavy snow. Simply place the Roof Razor on the roof and push to remove any unwanted snow while standing on the ground. Snow is swiftly removed with the use of a snow slide.

INCLUDES four 6-foot metal poles with quick-snap couplings, a 24-inch broad cutting head, and a 10-foot hand-sewn woven snow slide with a bungee cord.

24 YEARS OF PROVEN QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE! Made in the United States by a family-owned small business with the support of US small business suppliers. Roof Razor has been making roof rakes for almost 24 years, under the names MinnSNOWta Dynamo and Titan.


  • Resin-coated aluminum curved handle
  • Extends from seven to 21 feet
  • 24-inch non-stick graphite blade
  • Easy to store
  • Multiple uses


  • Heavy
  • Hard to control
  • Challenging to get apart after use
  • Snow gets stuck in scoop

6-GYMAX Extendable Aluminum Snow Rake

Extra-long Adjustable Handle: This roof snow rake comes with a long extendable handle (3 adjustable knobs on the pole) that can be adjusted to fit people of various heights. Its length may be modified from 5 to 20 feet, allowing it to reach every part of your roof.

Large Blade and Two Rollers: The two distinctive snowflake rollers help to protect the roof from harm. When you use it, these two small rollers keep a small gap between the aluminum blade and the roof, so you don’t have to worry about it scratching your roof.

Premium Materials & Sturdy Structure: Made of high-quality aluminum, our roof rake is long-lasting and can be used again.


  • Aluminum handle with four extensions
  • 21-foot reach
  • 24-inch blade
  • Blade rollers
  • Snap-button for quick assembly/disassembly


  • Not very maneuverable after two extensions
  • Doesn’t work well with heavy, wet snow
  • Rollers get caught up on blade
  • Holes don’t line up
  • Hard to get apart

7-HXS Snow Roof Rake with 2 Cutting Blades

With the help of five extension poles, this roof rake can be expanded from 5 to 21 feet in length. It makes it easier to reach difficult-to-reach spots, such as those near rooftops and high ledges, making snow removal both safe and convenient.

2 in 1 Snow Rake: Get two snow rakes for the price of one! We provide a set of snow removal equipment that includes everything you’ll ever need to clean heavy or soft snow, wet leaves, and other debris from your roof, solar panel, tent, or car.

Snow removal wheels have been improved to 3 inches in diameter, keeping the cutting head further away from the roof.


  • Telescoping aluminum pole
  • Adjusts from 6.2 to 21 feet
  • 25-inch aluminum blade


  • Not good for heavy use
  • Plastic couplings difficult to turn with gloves on
  • Handle comes loose easily
  • Telescoping binds up

8-Extreme Max 5600.3207 Shingle-Saver 21′

Angled blades are useful on low-pitched roofs and two-story houses because they allow for more use in less space. Superior snow removal with a 21′ reach and a 7″ x 24″ blade

Blade rollers provide a precise shave while protecting your shingles.

Aluminum is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making it easy to maneuver.

Snap-button handles assembly and disassembly are simple.


  • Twist-n-lock telescoping, non-slip aluminum pole
  • Handle adjusts up to 21 feet
  • 25-inch blade with scoop


  • Illustrations in manual don’t match directions or rake
  • Not good for large amounts of snow
  • Not suitable for heavy snow
  • Difficult to adjust


When we reviewed roof rakes, we found eight that we think will work for anyone. Some are more expensive, but they are also more convenient to use and last longer. The less expensive rakes are still good rakes for the money; they are just not as well crafted. There will be some wobble in the handle. They may also be unable to manage heavy, wet snow. Pay a bit more for one that can manage more large loads if you live somewhere that receives a lot of heavy snow.

Figure out how long your rake should be and how wide the blade should be. What rake you need depends on the size of your home and the height of your roof.

A Buyer’s Guide the Best Snow Roof Rake

Still undecided on which snow roof rake to purchase? Here are some considerations to make when purchasing. Take these factors into account and determine which of our snow roof rake recommendations best suits your needs.

Consider the following:

Roof rakes are available in a number of materials, including plastic, metal, and aluminum. Some roof rakes are constructed entirely of one material, while others are formed of a combination of two. Roof rakes, for example, may have metal handles but a totally plastic blade.

Each substance has its own set of benefits. Because plastic is lightweight, it would be easier to use. Metal, on the other hand, is more durable but prone to rust. Aluminum rakes are a good compromise because they are lightweight and have the same durability as metal rakes.


Snow roof rakes exist in a range of sizes, as we noted in our FAQ. As a general rule, we recommend choosing rakes with long handles over shorter ones because they are more versatile. Meanwhile, the width of the blade you’ll require will be determined by your roof’s structure. A larger blade will get the job done faster if you have a generally flat roof with few bends and corners.

Bending vs. straight handle: 

Snow roof rakes with a bending handle are excellent for a downhill sloping roof. It’s also excellent for reaching into corners of the roof that a straight-handled one might not be able to reach.

Telescoping vs. fixed handle:

A telescoping handle on a snow roof rake gives you more flexibility because you can easily adjust the length of your rake depending on the height of the roof you wish to clear snow from.

Blades, rollers, and bumpers:

A snow roof rake with these built-in features is ideal. They’re frequently put close to the blade to keep the roof and rake from scratching each other. When dusting off the snow, having rollers and wheels will make it easy to manage and move your rake around.

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